[Rt-devel] RT 3.4.6rc2

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Wed Oct 4 17:43:41 EDT 2006

Is now available. I'd like to thank Ruslan for preparing the changelog

If nobody screams, expect a release within the week:


New config option 'OldestTransactionsFirst'.
By default, RT shows newest transactions at the bottom
of the ticket history page, if you want see them
at the top set this to 0.

Email plugin may return special constant to indicate
that it's done requested action and RT shouldn't
run default action handling code.
See also RT::Interface::Email.

Added support for timezones in RT::Date::SetToModnight
method, this allowed us to fix problems with searches
by date.

Applied David Schweikert's patch that adds the useful
LastUpdated field to the fields returned through
the REST interface.

Added a "RH" RedHat layout option to config.layout.
Thanks to Paulo Matos.

New command line options in the rt-crontool script:
* add --transaction argument with two possible
  values: 'first' and 'last'
* add --transaction-type argument to allow a user
  to select type of transaction, for example
  'Correspond' or 'Comment'.
With these changes crontool can send notifications
and other actions which need access to transaction

New callbacks in html/Ticket/Elements/ShowSummary:
LeftColumn and RightColumn.

Display a custom field value without lists HTML markup
when a ticket has only one value for the custom field.

Add additional HTML classes to the cells in
Ticket/Elements/ShowBasics and Ticket/Elements/ShowDates
mason templates.


Don't die any more on error during custom fields
creation in rt-setup-database, but report and
continue with next object.

Dropped 'exit' call in exceptions handling code.

Fixed untake operation during tickets transfer
between queues when an owner has no right to own
the ticket in the destination queue and the
current user is different person. Note in new
implementation we write untake tansaction from
RT_System user.

Fixed problem when RT were failing with error:
"Couldn't call method IsLocal on undefined value".

Got rid of some noisy warnings and cleaned up
some code.

Fixed attchments loosing during next steps:
    1) open ticket #1
    2) click reply
    3) upload attachment
    4) open ticket #2 in another browser window
    5) send reply to the ticket #1
RT was loosing uploaded attachment due to step 4) as RT.

Finding disabled groups should actually find them, now.

Fixed `rt ls -l` when RT server isn't at /.
Thanks to Mark Eichin.

Reed Loden caught a perltidy error that, somewhat
terrifiyingly, was still a valid mason page.

People may saw error "Could not convert attachment
from assumed utf8 to ''" in the log. We don't even
try to convert any more when target encoding is empty.

Fixed maxsize attribute of input fields for subject.
In DB we have limit 200, but these tags were set to
old value of 100.

Backported fix for TimeTaken updates. RT could call
method _UpdateTimeTaken on record objects that have
no such method.

Fixed RT failures under mod_perl2 with Oracle database.

In QuickCreate element now we use SelectNewTicketQueue
instead of SelectQueue.

Fixed problems on server start up with error message
'Not root path(s) specified'.

Now we load only required regular expressions from
Regexp::Common namespace.

In RT::Tickets::_EnumLimit now we load referenced object
only if value is defined and is not number, this avoid
several fetches from caches or in worst case from DB.
Use this advantage in Quicksearch element, change in
"RT at glance" load time should be noticable on systems
with many queues.

Added handling for all possible errors in
the RT::Action::SendEmail module.

Improved handling of errors in the RT::Template class.

In the RT::Group method 'crit' was being called on
the wrong object. Thanks to Todd Chapman

Allow an administrator to add 0(zero) as a custom field

Fixed decoding of MIME headers, this chould should fix:
* problems with non-ascii names of attachments
* problems with partly encoded fields with '=' chars
  in not encoded parts, for example:
    X-MyHeader: key="plain"; key="=?encoded?="
    X-MyHeader: key="=?encoded?="; key="plain"

Fixed RT::Transaction::OldValue and ::NewValue in situations
when values of {Old,New}Reference fileds are false. You may
saw effect of this bug in a ticket's history saying that
custom field value was changed from "random" value to the
XXX instead of expected "custom field was set to XXX value".

Todd Chapman discovered a case where RT's mail gateway would
default to the RT::SystemUser if no valid 'From' header were
found. This could allow a malicious user to create tickets or
reply to tickets, but not to gain access to data.


Updated German translation. Thanks to Thorsten Brumm.

New regression tests:

Tests for "unsafe" mailgate commands like resolve and

Simple tests for Attachments manipulation from web interface.


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