[Rt-devel] Old RT2 (2.0.15) in pure apache2 and mod_perl2 environment

Morten Karlsen morten.karlsen at taide.net
Mon Oct 23 09:53:34 EDT 2006

I'm currently trying to get an old highly customized RT installation to 
run in a pure mod_perl2 environment.

Mason is latest version; 1.35, args_method is set to CGI,
mod_perl is latest mod_perl2,
libapreq is latest libapreq2

I've modified webmux.pl's session handling so that it is working correct.

Now here's the problem:

Auth is external, if logging in with a user that is NOT am rt-user I 
correctly get the "You are not an authorized user" page. Jippi!
When logging in as a valid user, I get a "[warn] /rt2/index.html did not 
send an HTTP header" in my apache's error log, and page output is an 
empty document.

Maybe this migration is impossible, but am I not getting close?

Anyone have ideas on what to do next? Changes needed in autohandler?

Will provide module versions, logs or Data::Dumper output if needed.

Best regards,


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