[Rt-devel] Search criteria UpdatedBy a little help please

Roy El-Hames rfh at pipex.net
Tue Sep 12 09:41:59 EDT 2006

Hi there;
(rt-3.6.1 , mysql, apache2 mod_perl)
I have a search criteria where it looks for any tickets updated by a 
particular user, I got it working for all kind of transactions and I 
wonder if anyone can help me put the final tweak to get it to return 
ticket where the User just Commented/Corresponded ..I have the following 
function in Tickets_Overlay.pm:

sub _TransUser {
    my ($self, $field, $op, $value, @rest ) = @_;
    $RT::Logger->error("the field = $field and op is $op and value is 
$value and rest is @rest");
    $self->{_sql_transalias} = $self->NewAlias('Transactions')
    unless defined $self->{_sql_transalias};
    $self->{_sql_Usersalias} = $self->NewAlias('Users')
        unless defined $self->{_sql_Usersalias};
    #Search for the right field
        ALIAS         => $self->{_sql_Usersalias},
        FIELD         => 'Name',  ### for the Updated by in particular 
may change later
        OPERATOR      => $op,
        VALUE         => $value,
        CASESENSITIVE => 0,
        ALIAS1 => $self->{_sql_Usersalias},
        FIELD1 => 'Id',
        ALIAS2 => $self->{_sql_transalias},
        FIELD2 => 'Creator'
        ALIAS1 => 'main',
        FIELD1 => 'Id',
        ALIAS2 => $self->{_sql_transalias},
        FIELD2 => 'ObjectId'
        ALIAS           => $self->{_sql_transalias},
        FIELD           => 'ObjectType',
        VALUE           => 'RT::Ticket',

Any help will be appreciated,

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