[Rt-devel] CLI: 'rt ls -t' support for object types other than 'ticket'

Brian_Gupta at timeinc.com Brian_Gupta at timeinc.com
Mon Apr 9 12:33:42 EDT 2007

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It would help me if the rt cli had the ability to list object types other than tickets. (This way I could write a script that could parse through a list of queues, and then do queries based on each queue name"


P.S - I run the client on a different machine than the RT Server.

Brian Gupta
Time Inc
Information Technology Dept

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	Hi Jesse! Thanks for your response.

	When we will have available the RT version 3.8, therefore taste very to
	use the RT for my necessary CSIRT and very to use PGP keys and currently
	I am using version 3.4.6. Use the same RT without the RTIR.

	Exists some work-around for use of keys with this version that I have?

	Best Regards,

	Suender Oliveira

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