[Rt-devel] New language file for RT

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Fri Feb 16 19:46:32 EST 2007

On Fri, Feb 16, 2007 at 03:30:26PM +0100, Brian Kjelin Olsen wrote:
> Hi 
> We have made a translation for RT to Swedish, so now all the Scandinavian countries, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, are covered.
> The sv.po file is attached to this mail.

Fantastic. Thanks so much.
> As this translation is made by our very competently English/Danish/Swedish translator, Jakob Arvidsson, we discovered that the existing Danish translation is - well, to put it politely - present :-)
> Many terms have never been translated from English and many words have been translated to similar Danish words, where the Danish words unfortunately don't have the same meaning. So, as a consequence we plan to go through all the Danish translations and update them as well.

*grin* I'll have to give Jonas a hard time the next time I'm in

The new translation and possible forthcoming updates to the other
translation are hugely appreciated.

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