[Rt-devel] Patches for moving mandatory/validation etc. into RT core API

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Fri Feb 16 21:40:44 EST 2007

On Fri, Feb 16, 2007 at 06:03:06PM -0800, Philip Kime wrote:
> Chaps - we have completed a pile of work on RT 3.6.3 which lets us do
> the following:
> * Provide a seperate checkbox for making a CF mandatory
> * Moved CF mandatory checking and CF validation into the RT API core
> * Put in a core check for valid values of Select* CFs (needed for
> REST/Email checks)
> * Removed "validation" option for Select* fields in GUI - makes no sense
> - the drop-down is the validation
> * Removed "mandatory" validation regexp as this is now a seperate thing
> * Tightened up the REST ticket error reporting and enhanced the CF
> processing
> This was done for the following reasons:
> 1. To make the notion of "mandatory" highly visible for audit purposes.
> 2. To seperate out "mandatory" from "validated" as these are
> conceptually separate and can't really be dealt with in the same place
> when you start to extend these concepts to REST and Email.
> 3. To make sure these checks work via REST/CommandByMail/GUI so that RT
> is audit-proof
> The semantics of the combinations of mandatory/validated fields are:
> * Mandatory/non-validated: Create/Modify transaction fails if no value.
> * Mandatory/validated: Create/Modify transaction fails if no value.
> Fails if value does not match pattern.
> * Non-Mandatory/validated: Allows "(no value)" but if value is not null,
> must match pattern or create/modify fails.
> I wanted to know how much these are wanted because it's going to be a
> fair task to generate nice patches against 3.6.3 because we have so many
> local mods mixed in with them. I don't want to generate the patches if
> it's not that useful. I think the patches are against about ten files.
> This  was all done for AT too.

I think I'd like to see all this folded into RT, though I worry about
the change in the middle of the 3.6 series. I think I'd rather see
pulling this into 3.7, as long as Ruslan feels comfortable with the code
in the patches.

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