[Rt-devel] RE: [PATCH]: Data normalisation for multi-valued CFs in GUI create

Philip Kime pkime at Shopzilla.com
Wed Feb 21 22:49:01 EST 2007

> That sounds like it's going to be an API change that's backwards
> incompatible. Why can't you just do canonicalization once it's in sub
> Create?

I think there maybe some misunderstanding - this isn't an API patch -
it's a patch to the GUI-only CreateTicket() sub in Web.pm, not the API
Ticket::Create() sub. CreateTicket is a wrapper which massages MASONy
things into the right shape for a call to Ticket::Create() later. I've
just altered the massaging a little. Ticket::Create() copes fine with
arrays of one value as values for multi-CFs.


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