[Rt-devel] Newbie programming questino

Bryon Beilman beilman at sinecurve.com
Sat Feb 24 09:25:58 EST 2007

I need to right a query that is like a regular query, but also includes the
original problem description.  

>From a previous rt-users query, it was pointed out that I need to write my

  I have done quite a bit of PERL, but no RT PERL.


I bought the RT book and in the basic example (Pg 141).


So when I run it from within PERL, I get 

Can't locate DBIx/SearcBuilder/Handle.pm in @INC (..


I tried adding use lib and unshift below.


Can I get some help to get started?

Should I be running these from within the RT dir (ie local) instead of doing
independent queries?


What I am looking for is .

An example to get started.







 use lib '/opt/rt3/lib';


package Tkt;

package RT;

use DBIx::SearcBuilder::Handle;


my $handle = DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle->new();



        Driver          => 'mysql',

        Database        => 'rt3',

        Host            => 'bogus',

        User            => 'bogus',

        Password        => 'bogus'



print $handle->FetchResult("SELECT sysdate FROM dual");


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