[Rt-devel] Filtering Spam

Matthew Ekstrand-Abueg mattea at rescomp.berkeley.edu
Thu Jun 14 00:58:55 EDT 2007


I'm sure this question has been asked before, so please feel free to
direct me to a place where I can find an answer.

I have SpamAssassin running to flag all emails before they reach RT, and
would like to be able to filter the Spam messages (i.e. matching the
header "X-Spam-Flag: Yes") to a Queue called "Spam" from a Scrip within RT.

My problem is simply that I can not figure out how to extract that
portion of the header to place it within my scrip.  I am using RT
version 3.6.3 should this make any difference.

Thank you very much for your time.

Matthew Ekstrand-Abueg
Systems Administrator
Network Infrastructure, RSSP-IT
UC Berkeley

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