[Rt-devel] Bug: ObjectCustomFieldValues.Content not being updated

Joby Walker joby at u.washington.edu
Thu Jun 14 14:15:39 EDT 2007

This is design feature.  There is no code keep ObjectCustomFieldValues
in sync with the current CustomFieldValues.  This allows you to retire
old CustomFieldValues without impacting Tickets.  This is necessary for us.

I do see the value of on modifying a specific CFV changing the
corresponding OCFVs though.

Joby Walker
C&C SSG, University of Washington

Edge, Sean wrote:
> RT Version: 3.6.3
> Apache : 2.0.59
> Perl: 5.8.5
> MySQL: 4.0.20
> We have a CustomField called Department.  We use it do reporting on
> which departments had work done for them and how much time so that later
> we can charge them for that time.  The problem is when the Names are
> changed via the RT UI -- the ObjectCustomFieldValues.Content values are
> not modified.  If the names were changed on the first of the month and
> someone tries to pull a report from last month (or any previous month
> for that matter) they will get only the Departments that haven't had
> their names changed, obviously.
> I have made the updates via the MySQL CLI using the same user/pass as RT
> is configured to use, so it's not a database permissions issue.
> I've looked through the Apache error logs and they are pretty bare…
> infact there isn't even an entry from today.  If more information is
> needed please let me know and I will provide it promptly.
> Thank you.
> Sean Edge
> Consultant
> MTV Networks
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