[Rt-devel] patch: Optimize recipients for Notifications Mails

Dirk Pape pape-rt at inf.fu-berlin.de
Fri Jun 15 03:58:44 EDT 2007


we found, that if we have ScripActions that notify more than one watcher 
group (e.g. "Notify AdminCC and Cc as Comment"), people get more than one 
message for the same notification, if they have more than one role for the 
ticket (e.g. beeing AdminCc and Cc).

This is not necessary at all but only annoying, so I propose following 
general patch for Action/SendEmail.pm which removes unnecessary recipient 
entries: It removes every Cc already in To and every Bcc if already in To 
or Cc.

The patch is tested here and behaves like expected. Will this make it into 
the core?


Regards, Dirk.
Dr. Dirk Pape (eAS - Projektleitung Campus Management)
Freie Universitaet Berlin
Grunewaldstr. 34a, 12165 Berlin
Tel. +49 (0)30 838 75143, Fax. +49 (0)30 838 54654

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