[Rt-devel] RT::Interface::Web::Redirect() broken (for 3.6) in split front/back proxying setup

Chris Stromsoe cbs at cts.ucla.edu
Fri Jun 15 16:20:58 EDT 2007

RT::Interface::Web::Redirect() is broken for a split front-end proxy / 
back-end RT setup.

I'm running multiple instances of RT spread over several backend servers. 
They're all accessible through a single set of front-end proxies that use 
a combination of different ports and paths (though for these purposes they 
could also use different hostnames) to direct access to the correct 

As an example, the url https://rt-front.domain:8888/rt99/ might proxy 
through to https://rt-back.otherdoman:8080/rt-customer-x/

I'm finding that some times when Redirect() is called, it is sending a 
redirect back out to the client trying to redirect to the back-end 
hostname and port.

Redirect looks like this:

sub Redirect {
     my $redir_to = shift;
     untie $HTML::Mason::Commands::session;
     my $uri = URI->new($redir_to);
     my $server_uri = URI->new($RT::WebURL);

     # If the user is coming in via a non-canonical
     # hostname, don't redirect them to the canonical host,
     # it will just upset them (and invalidate their credentials)
     if ($uri->host  eq $server_uri->host &&
         $uri->port eq $server_uri->port) {


If I comment out the calls to $uri->host() and $uri->port() everything 
works fine.  I'm using 3.6.1 as shipped with Debian stable.  Based on at 
least one comment in the archives from back in April or May, it sounds 
like this also happens with 3.6.3.  I have not looked at 3.6.4 release 
candidates to see if the same code exists.

Can the code block be changed to refer to set variables in 
RT_SiteConfig.pm instead of the environment hash?  Or to check for 
something that was set intentionally?  Or to check if the redirect should 
always be to the canonical name?


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