[Rt-devel] Complex Attachments Cause RT/Apache Hang?

Jeff Stark JStark at sumtotalsystems.com
Mon May 14 15:02:39 EDT 2007

I saw a similar issue and I believe I have it resolved by adding:

#don't display attachments inline
Set($SuppressInlineTextFiles, 1);

To the RT_SiteConfig.pm file.  This will keep the system from trying to
display attachments in the ticket history, and only provide the Link to



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In our RT instance (RT 3.4, modperl, apache 1.3.31, mysql 4.1.13), we
recently had a problem involving a ticket submitted by e-mail from a
user; they had attached quite a large number of HTML-formatted e-mails
to the message to illustrate a problem they were having. Attempting to
view the body of the RT ticket that resulted from that transaction would
cause Apache to pin the system's CPU and become unresponsive to other
requests, and would drag the client's browser to a standstill. 
Restarting Apache solved the problem for both client and server, but it
could be easily replicated by opening the ticket again.

Is this a known issue for RT? If so, is it resolved in later versions of
RT, or are there mitigating steps we can take in our current deployment?

Jeff Albert
UNIX Systems Administrator
University of Victoria
jralbert at uvic.ca
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