[Rt-devel] Issue with custom fields and multi queue searches

Pete Gillis pgillis at usm.maine.edu
Thu Nov 1 10:42:44 EDT 2007

        I am unable to search for tickets in multiple queues and include
        custom field unless the custom field is used by both queues.
        the queue that doesn't have the custom field will be missing
        from the
        results, I'll try to explain better with an example...
        QueueA with no custom fields
        QueueB with custom field CustomA with value ValueA
        I create the following search
        "( ( Queue = 'QueueB' AND 'CF.{CustomA}' = 'ValueA' ) OR Queue =
        'QueueA' )"
        I would expect to get all tickets from QueueA, but instead get
        because the query join requires the custom field and its not
        to the second queue.

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