[Rt-devel] constraints.mysql ... in use by anyone?

Otto Hirr otto.hirr at olabinc.com
Mon Nov 12 17:19:56 EST 2007

Is there a reason that the schema creation scripts
do not spec constraints?

Most of the db's seem to have the foreign key constraint
ability, and those that do not, eg sqlite, take it as a no-op,
at least in my understanding.

Would it not be better to move forward with having constraints
defined and be able to drop them for those who don't/can't have them?

There is a file, constraints.mysql, however it is not valid,
ie there are columns that are not defined in all the schemas,
eg EffectiveTicket is defined in schema.Sybase and is used
in constraints.mysql, but is not defined in any of the other

If schema.Sybase is old, then it should be dropped or updated.
Is there someone that can "push a button" and generate a
new constraints file?



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