[Rt-devel] RTx::EmailCompletion with LDAP : testers needed

Nicolas Chuche nicolas.chuche at barna.be
Wed Nov 14 07:37:55 EST 2007


> Just a minor bug fix to the documentation, EmailCompletionLdapServer
> must be set.  The documentation says "If not set, RTx::EmailCompletion
> will search for LdapServer parameter...", this isn't the case.  If
> EmailCompletionLdapServer isn't set then LDAP isn't used for
> EmailCompletion.

Can't reproduce this bug. With this /opt/rt3/etc/RT_SiteConfig.pm :

Set($LdapServer, "localhost");
Set($LdapBase, "dc=me,dc=org");

It works perfectly here.

Is there someone else with this problem in rc3 (http://gaspard.mine.nu/rtx/) ?

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