[Rt-devel] RT 3.6.5 Bug - Queue-list caching

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Mon Nov 19 09:23:46 EST 2007

> > a)  Look through all session keys and delete the ones that match the 
> > new queue-cache format ( starts with "SelectQueue---" ). The problem 
> > with this is a performance hit while the cache is then reconstructed 
> > - a lot of queues means a delay. The deletion & recreation of the 
> > caches seems to be a brute-force way of getting the queue listing 
> > right. Another way (we use this at MIT) is:
> > 
> > b) Instead of deleting the queue caches & forcing the slow reload, 
> > just modify them:
> >        - New queue: add the new queue to the appropriate caches
> >        - Disabled queue: remove the queue from the caches
> >        - Enabled queue: add the new queue to the appropriate caches
> > 
> > If someone lets me know a preferred way, I'll be happy to send a patch.
> b) sounds the most sane. I'd lvoe a patch.

Though hm. This will only fix it for the current session. I wonder if we
could just be clever and do a join on the ACL table these days. I think
we have a lot more of the infrastructure we'd need to do a sane query
than we sued to.

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