[Rt-devel] [Rt-announce] RT 3.6.5 now available

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Mon Oct 1 17:37:26 EDT 2007

This release of RT is primarly a bugfix release for RT 3.6.4, though a
few small improvements did manage to creep into the codebase.

You can download the new release at:


A GPG signature of the download can be fetched from:





* MIME::Tools removed a method from their public API. this works around it

* fix performance regression in searches by watchers joined
  with other conditions using OR

* call RT::User->CanonicalizeEmailAddress as class method instead of
  passing undef as first argument

* better canonicalization of multiple addresses in the cc/bcc box on
  correspondence and comment

* James Bunch pointed out a missing $ that would cause a failed method
  call in an error scenario

* Some custom fields (mixed case ones) didn't work properly on
  case-sensitive databases from the CLI client

* Fixed RT REST API and commandline client to support custom fields
  with spaces in their names

* Oracle drop schema typo fixes. Thanks to Joop van de Wege.

* Someone left in a call to Data::Dumper, removed.

* reverted CSS changes causing problems in IE browser

* use fewer nested tables when showing an editor component for a CF

* don't show a CF on create and/or edit if user has no right to change it

* add missed closing </div>. Thanks to Nicholas Clark 

* for a long time format parser has been parsing /CLASS, but we were
  not using it. Thanks to Nicholas Clark

* get rid of old perl-5.6.1 compatibility code

* fix a bug where a 0 was displayed after a value for multiple-values
  custom fields. Thanks to Quentin Garnier

* add new $ChartFont option to the config which allow admin to
  select a TrueType font RT will use in charts

* Fix to not update tickets multiple times when doing a selfservice posting.

* doc updates


* clear duplications in recipient lists of outgoing emails.
  Based on patch from Dirk Pape.

* RT::Base::CurrentUser
 * allow passing RT::User as argument
 * check that the object is really RT::CurrentUser or its sub-class
 * verbose error message
 * on error return undef instead of 0(zero)


* fix compatibility of a test with new version of mason

* mark only one query as todo instead of many which really should pass


* fix translation of phrase 'Tickets' in ru.po
* simplify translators' work by using phrases with the same case
* Updated Japanese translation from  y-iida at secom.co.jp


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