[Rt-devel] Re: REST API - Does not error check custom field values (RT version3.6.4)

Philip Kime Philip at kime.org.uk
Mon Oct 29 14:27:55 EDT 2007

Jesse Vincent wrote:
> [For the record, I think this rocks. It's not been applied to 3.7 yet
> because we're crazy busy with about a dozen other projects. But don't
> let that distract you from Philip's excellent work]
Actually, for the record, I just want to make sure that Wojciech Jawor 
and Shopzilla get some credit too since Wojciech also did some work on 
this code and Shopzilla pretty much paid for my time to do it (since I 
worked on it for them when I was consulting there).


Dr Philip L Kime

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