[Rt-devel] AJAX Libraries was Re: Custom Fields - Populating using data passed to remote perl-SOAP-Lite interface

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Thu Aug 7 22:31:16 EDT 2008

> If not too much trouble, could you point to us an example of how  
> AJAX is
> being used in 3.6? Perhaps you referred to the use of Prototype for
> client-side stuff only? I am guessing the latter.

Autocompleting custom fields and the "favorite tickets" are the two  
things come tim mind.

> Since we are not going to play with RT 4 for a while, and if we would
> like to publish this work for RT 3.x, how would you recommend we
> implement it? (in general terms.) If there is any AJAX at least in 3.8
> just point to it and we will follow the general pattern (our current
> project is with 3.6 so I haven't even looked at the 3.8 stuff)

That's really too bad. RT 3.6 is now the "old stable" release rather  
than the "current stable" release, which means that if you're just  
starting out, you're going to end up way behind.  3.6 is only getting  
"critical" security fixes at this point.  3.8 has hundreds of bugs  
fixed which were still present in 3.6.7.


> Thanks!
> Alejandro Imass
> El mié, 06-08-2008 a las 13:05 -0400, Jesse Vincent escribió:
>>> My general take on this is REST, JSON, Prototype but I "hear" that
>>> JQuery is a better option (I've used Prototype extensively and never
>>> needed anything more, but always open to other).
>> In RT 3.x, we're using Prototype here and there, though in Jifty  
>> we've
>> moved over to JQuery and are a lot happier. RT 4 uses Jifty and  
>> will use
>> JQuery, hopefully fully retiring prototype.
>> -j
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