[Rt-devel] auth question

Juan Carlos Montes jcmontes at cert.inteco.es
Fri Dec 19 06:04:31 EST 2008

Mike Peachey escribió:
> Juan Carlos Montes wrote:
>> Mike Peachey escribió:
>>> Juan Carlos Montes wrote:
>> Hi mate,
>> i had problems with this file:
>> /opt/rt3/share/html/Callbacks/ExternalAuth/autohandler/Auth
>> i could resolve the issue patching this:
>> line 72: $password_validated =
>> $session{'CurrentUser'}->UserObj->IsPassword($pass);
>> for this: $password_validated = RT::Authen::ExternalAuth::GetAuth($user,
>> $pass);
>> at this time the auth run OK, :)
> This technically breaks ExternalAuth as it's a very ugly workaround that
> is bypassing a function and bypassing Internal Authentication.
> You would be better off resolving the problem you had before which was
> probably that it wasn't loading the overlay methods in User_Vendor.pm
Ok, i'll try make a "clean" method, :)


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