[Rt-devel] Callbacks and static/dynamic paths

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Tue Feb 26 18:53:28 EST 2008


I've been trawling through the archived posts here today and I've worked
out how to do a callback but I've come across something which I'm not sure
is possible to get around nicely. As follows:

I've created a callback for Tickets/Elements/Tabs which adds a new button
to the actions list beside comment, reply, resolve etc. Anyway, I'm
wanting this button to link to another server but when I put the path:

$actions->{'zz'} = { title => loc('ButtonName'), path =>
'http://anotherserver/page?ticketid='.$Ticket->id };

The link ends up like:


Is there any way to get around this? I could create a page on the request
tracker server which takes the GET value and then generates a page with
the below statement in it but it seems a bit messy, any help would be
greatly appreciated.

<meta http-equiv="refresh"


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