[Rt-devel] how to populate a custom field on ticket create.

Janet Houser jhouser at cfa.harvard.edu
Mon Jan 7 10:41:35 EST 2008

Hi folks,

I'm a newbie to RT and have been working the last several days (actually about
a week) with no luck.

I am trying (per a user's request) to get the text that is submitted in the "Describe the issue below:"
box on the "Create a new ticket" page to automatically get put in a custom filed called "Issue".

I applied the RT-Extension-ExtractCustomFieldValues-1.6  module.

I created a global Template called "ProblemCustomFieldExtract".  The contents of this
template is:


I created a scrip called "ProblemCustomField" with the attributes:

	Description:    ProblemCustomField
	Condition:	On Create
	Action:		Extract Custom Field Values
	Template:	Global template: ProblemCustomFieldExtract
	Stage:		TransactionCreate

	Custom condition:  <empty>
	Custom action preparation code:  <empty>
	Custom action cleanup code:  <empty>

When I create a new ticket, the history section shows the contents entered in
the box ""Describe the issue below:"" , but nothing appears in my CF called Issue.

Any hints or suggestions on what I'm obviously missing?




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