[Rt-devel] Rough notes on RT release engineering.

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Fri Jun 20 19:38:08 EDT 2008

As we've rejiggered the repository, the old tools have gotten a bit  
clunkier than I'd like, but the new tools have gotten increasingly  

So, here's a braindump on how I've created RT 3.8.0rc2 (announcement  
The process clearly still needs some work. (And _must_ become automated)

One change I've made is that we're no longer running the output of svn  
log --verbose into the dist. It bloats the size by 10% and doesn't  
really provide anything over what you get from svn log. (And anyone  
who cares enough will almost certainly want to prod at the repository  
for diffs)

# Tag the branch

  svk br --create 3.8.0rc2 --tag --from 3.8.0-releng --project rt-3.8

# Check out the newly tagged version and update the version number.
# This is unacceptable for the long-term release process. Perhaps we  
want a trivial expression to grab it from the cwd of the checkout

svn co svn+ssh://svn.bestpractical.com/svn/bps-public/rt/3.8/tags/ 

Index: configure.ac
--- configure.ac	(revision 13501)
+++ configure.ac	(working copy)
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@

  dnl Setup autoconf
-AC_INIT(RT, 3.7.86, [rt-bugs at bestpractical.com])
+AC_INIT(RT, 3.8.0rc2, [rt-bugs at bestpractical.com])

svn ci 'Bumped the version to 3.8.0rc2 for release'

svn export svn+ssh://svn.bestpractical.com/svn/bps-public/rt/3.8/tags/ 
3.8.0rc2 rt-3.8.0rc2

cd rt-3.8.0rc2
INSTALL=install-sh PERL=/usr/bin/perl ./configure --with-db- 
type=SQLite --enable-layout=inplace --with-standalone

cd ..

tar czvf rt-3.8.0rc2.tar.gz rt-3.8.0rc2

gpg2 --detach-sign rt-3.8.0rc2.tar.gz

scp -rvp rt-3.8.0rc2.tar.gz  download.bestpractical.com:/home/ftp/pub/ 
scp -rvp rt-3.8.0rc2.tar.gz.sig download.bestpractical.com:/home/ftp/ 
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