[Rt-devel] RT 3.8.0 release candidate 2!

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Sun Jun 22 05:44:45 EDT 2008

The second release candidate for RT 3.8.0 is now available. You can  
download it at:


It's currently my expectation to release RT 3.8.0 sometime during the  
week of July 7.  There may or may not be a 3rd release candidate  
before the final release, but we're not currently aware of any shows- 
topper bugs which would require that.

I know some translators are working on updated localizations, but I've  
been a bit derelict in my duties about calling for revised  
translations. Emmanuel Lacour mentioned that if I failed to do the  
translator-wrangling, he may have time to step up.

Changes since RC1:

	* numerous small bugs fixed with dashboards
	* numerous small bugs fixed with ticket relationship charts
	* Restore (add) the ability to get ticket graphs by owner/requestor/ 
	* Additional Perl 5.10 compatibility fixes

	* IMPORTANT: Fix a bug which could cause RT to be unable to receive  
mail if configured to write to an unwritable temporary directory.
	   (No data loss would occur. But your company might hypothetically  
see a delay in ticket email if RT were misconfigured)
	* Makefile code duplication removed

	* CSS: Improved layout of page header and search UI on many browsers
	* CSS: styling cleanups
	* CSS: added focus and hover effects to buttons

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