[Rt-devel] DBIx::SearchBuilder 1.51+ bug

Joop JoopvandeWege at mococo.nl
Thu Jun 26 02:24:29 EDT 2008

Stephen Turner wrote:
> We discovered a bug in (I think) DBIx::SearchBuilder, in the 
> Oracle-specific part of the package - the DistinctQuery method in 
> Handle/Oracle.pm. The problem is that results from some queries are 
> not sorted correctly. Where we have seen this in RT (3.6.5) is in the 
> order of custom fields on ticket pages (Display, Basics etc) - the 
> order of CFs on the screen does not match the sort order specified 
> for the fields.
Revision 6974 adds the patch and 7062 reverts it.


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