[Rt-devel] minor patch to autohandler/NewUser callback

Olly Stephens Olly.Stephens at arm.com
Thu Jun 26 03:32:32 EDT 2008


I'm in the early stages of an implementation of RT for our organisation
using 3.8 and have just completed the account auto-creation logic for
our (slightly non-standard) auth environment.

Have to say it was trivial to do.  Simple combination of WebExternalAuth
set to 1 and a custom "autohandler/NewUser" callback which populates the
fields of the newly created user from another data source.  Couldn't be

However, to get it to work I had to augment the NewUser callback call
slightly.  I needed the username in order to look up the additional
information and it wasn't being passed through.  So I added "User =>
$user" to the list of parameters passed to the callback.

Does anybody see any potential issues with this that would prevent its
inclusion upstream?

Should I be submitting the patch through RT's own bug tracker?  Or
attaching it to a mail like this one?  I'm new to the list so I'm not
sure what the convention is yet. 



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