[Rt-devel] can't locate RT.pm - in 3.8-testing since beta2

Jason Long jlong at messiah.edu
Fri May 30 10:48:27 EDT 2008

Jason Long wrote:
> Something changed in 3.8-TESTING which broke RT on my system.
> If I add --enable-layout=RT3 to my configure invocation, it seems to fix 
> the problem. Is this the right solution? Should I rather do something to 
> my Apache configuration so it can find the RT files? Or is it a bug?

After closer examination, I think this is a bug. The problem is that 
FindBin is using "/usr/sbin/httpd" as the program name, rather than 
/opt/rt3/bin/webmux.pl. So webmux.pl goes looking for the RT library 
files in /usr/lib instead of /opt/rt3/lib.

I suggest changing the default layout back to RT3. At least when using 

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