[Rt-devel] 'make test' fails on HTTP::Server::Simple::Mason

justin at brighton.ac.uk justin at brighton.ac.uk
Thu Nov 20 04:57:33 EST 2008

Hi Angus,
Well spotted! Thanks so much for replying!
I would have had the http_proxy env var defined.
In the end I found and installed an RPM for HTTP::Server::Simple::Mason 
from EPEL. ;-)
I'm sure your post will help someone else, or us when we re-install :)

Best regards,

Angus Rea wrote:
> Hi Jason,
> I just came across the same problem and stumbled on the answer...
> I happened to be checking the log files for the proxy server (which 
> runs on another server)
> and noticed that it contained entries for GET http://localhost:13432 
> which is the URL used
> by the Mason test scripts in t/*.t.
> In other words, the test scripts are using the HTTP proxy defined in 
> the environment variable
> http_proxy which it is not required when accessing a 'localhost' server.
> So I used the commands to successfully test and install 
> HTTP-Server-Simple-Mason:
>     cd /root/.cpan/build/HTTP-Server-Simple-Mason-0.09/
>     unset http_proxy
>     make test
>     make install
> Rgds - Angus
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