[Rt-devel] Need help with RT post upgrade

Bryon Beilman beilman at sinecurve.com
Mon Oct 6 14:58:51 EDT 2008

Thanks I did a repo search but didn't find it.  I will re-read it. I was
already running mysql 4, so I didn't think it applied to me.  I will go back
and approach it from ground up.  I had to revert back to the previous
instance, but will retry it using the information below.

Thank you,
I will report back on this and I may even try to improve the installation
instructions as I go along and share them back.

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> Any guidance?   I am in the middle of a weekend upgrade (which I can 
> revert if needed, but prefer not to)

Look at earlier messages about the same problem.

The problem you are having is that you didn't follow UPGRADING.mysql:

4) Apply mysql 4.0->4.1 schema changes. RT tarball has script
etc/upgrade/schema.mysql-4.0-4.1.pl that generates SQL queries to 
upgrade schema of
the DB. Run it:

perl etc/upgrade/schema.mysql-4.0-4.1.pl db user pass > sql.queries

(I suspect you are using Mysql)

This should be done even if you already have mysql 5 or 4.1 installed. 
Better name for the file should be "mysql_schema_upgrade_for_3.8.1" IMO.

Alternatively you can change your sessions to use files instead of 
database (or check that the field type is correct for the session table 
fields, a_session should be longblob)

Also please note that there's a bug (or there was for me and someone 
else) that makes the schema file have wrong data in it. Check earlier 
messages for things to check and fix. Like for example "Several
multi-character fields were temporarily transformed into type CHAR,
which truncated them to a single character" and MySQL
doesn't like the CHARACTER SET directive for a field of type BLOB. These
lines should probably be changed to specify TEXT instead of BLOB (or you
could remove the 'CHARACTER SET utf8' directive if you know the fields
in question are used to store binary data instead of text." (Ole)
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