[Rt-devel] Fixed Attachments with for RT with mysql backend

Hef hef at tavros.net
Thu Oct 9 12:35:12 EDT 2008

I am using rt 3.6.7, but this probably applies to 3.8.1

I have been having problems with attachments in RT for awhile.

I got the problem narrowed down to RT was doing odd things with
attachments that contained a null byte (00)
Text documents attached ok, but nothing else seemed to, like customer
screen shots.

I looked at the scheme.mysql file for rt 3.8.1 and noticed that it used
LONGTEXT for the content column in the Attachments table.
Our current install of 3.6.7 had the same thing.  I changed the column
to use LONGBLOB and sent a test message with a image and it worked.

I couldn't find any documentation on the difference but I still
recommend using blobs instead of text for data that might contain a null

I am using mysql version 5.0.54 on Gentoo Linux with rt 3.6.7

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