[Rt-devel] Adding to default CSS without create a whole new style?

Philip Kime Philip at kime.org.uk
Thu Oct 16 12:16:53 EDT 2008

On Thu, Oct 16, 2008 at 06:31:46AM +0400, Sean M Moore wrote:

> I remember really wanting this for similar reasons as Philip.

I tried the RTFM method of using the /Elements/Header "Head" callback  
and that seems to work. It also has the added advantage of being an  
HTML callback so you can conditionalise the CSS you load for different  
browsers, just as the InHeader callback does. I don't think you could  
do this with a callback in a .css file itself? I could be wrong.  
Anyway, having callbacks in the .css file is also a good idea.

Here's a separate but related question, since I'm not at all a Web  
design type. AT needs basically copies of all of the styles in  
ticket.css as it's confusing to have AT use 'ticket-*' styles. In  
fact, it won't work in some cases because some assumptions about  
things like button length aren't followed in AT compared to RT. So, I  
want to cleanly give AT its own styles. Now, this is easy enough, I  
just copy the ticket-* styles from ticket.css and call them all 'asset- 
*'. Not very future-proof though so I really want to be able to say in  
the AT .css something like this:

asset-info-basics = ticket-info=basics

for most entries but not all since some need to change. Can this be  
done in CSS? I know I can do this:

asset-info-basics, ticket-info-basics { blah blah }

but that means I need to edit RT .css styles and I want to avoid that,  
obviously. I want to just point to existing RT style names for some  

Dr Philip Kime

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