[Rt-devel] Any interest in the ability in RT to enforce CF value uniqueness?

Philip Kime philip at kime.org.uk
Sat Oct 18 12:24:52 EDT 2008

I ask because I have developed as an extension for AT the ability to  
enforce CF value uniqueness for single-valued CFs. This is important  
in AT for things like CFs holding serial numbers, MAC addresses etc. I  
have had nasty things happen because people added duplicates for  
these. I added the ability to be able to enforce single-valued CF  
value uniqueness within asset types or across all asset types. If you  
try to add a duplicate for such a field, it will fail and tell you  
what the conflcting asset is.

However, doing this required modifications to RT - stuff in  
CustomField update code (AT calls the RT API for this) and lots of  
mods to


Is there any interest in including this functionality for RT in  
general? I must say it's not as obviously useful for tickets or other  
CFs but I haven't thought about such use cases much. Another  
motivation for asking is that I'd like to have this in AT but it's  
impossible to make it an AT-only thing (without enormous AT mods)  
because AT uses RT code and HTML templates for much of its CF stuff.

Dr Philip Kime

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