[Rt-devel] How do I get a 'real' user on rt3.fsck.com?

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Mon Sep 8 12:40:13 EDT 2008

> That's what i meant with 'used for testing'. Written in an ambigious way, sorry
> for that. What I mean is why not seperate the playground RT from the bug
> tracking RT? With a cron-driven auto-restore, you could give all guests admin
> rights and they would be able to play & test even more.

Be careful about that. "All admin rights" will let your users run
arbitrary code on your RT server.

We have such a demo server for potential customers, but not one we
currently share with the general public.

We have about 90% of such a server. We just have rather a lot to do ;)

> Richard


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