[Rt-devel] Replying to Resolved tickets_SendEmail

Eva Duque eduque at cc.com.ve
Tue Sep 16 15:12:19 EDT 2008

Hello list, 

     I have two questions and I want to consult with you:

1 - I was reviewing the list and got a thread that touches the subject
that I took, and how to avoid the user to answer the ticket and closed
it re-opens. I would like to know how to avoid that. Check the code
AutoOpen.pm but not if you should take that path. 
    Thread was that I was reading this:

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is not what I want 

Scott Newton wrote: 
> When we Resolve a ticket from OS-Install, and the user responds back 
> (usually to say thanks or via "Out of Office" autoreply) it reopens 
> the ticket. I thought I had stripped out all the rights that allow 
> this, but apparently something is still letting it happen. 

You don't say which RT version you're using. In RT3 this is handled by 
an OpenTickets scrip, which you can disable. In RT2 you need to find
exterminate some code buried in RT::Ticket::Correspond(). 

2- My second doubt is somewhat longer. I am using a custom field that is
a list of values and according to certain values of it should I send an
email to members of a specific group, would like to know how to send
mail and it is recorded in the history of the ticket. 

Thank you very much

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