[Rt-devel] advice on scrip development and deployment

Andrew Libby alibby at xforty.com
Tue Aug 4 08:33:13 EDT 2009

I'm pretty sure scrips can be put in the database, but don't
need to be.  In either case they are registered in the
database, at least the actions are.  The ScripActions I'm
using are growing in complexity, and as such I've taken them
on to the filesystem.


Jo Rhett wrote:
> Scrips are in the database, not the filesystem, and survive upgrades
> just fine.
> On Aug 3, 2009, at 6:27 PM, Andrew Libby wrote:
>> I've hacked together a few scrips which are working pretty
>> well.  But I'd like to devise a method for managing my
>> scrips in a way that survives upgrades well and does not
>> interfere with the RT installation.
>> I'm interested in hearing what folks are doing.  I'm
>> thinking of going about it like this:
>> o Store my code in an SCM and deploy to it's own area
>>  on my system.  Something like /opt/rt_company_scrips
>>  or the like.
>> o Add the lib folder under the above mentioned directory
>>  to perls INC path via the apache configuration, or
>>  via some other method.
>> o Add a company specific configuration file to a subfolder
>>  etc of the above mentioned path.
>> Any thoughts on this?  What are folks doing on this front?
>> Thanks.
>> Andy
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