[Rt-devel] RT REST question

L B bertignac at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 06:03:11 EST 2009


 I'd like to forward a ticket using REST instead of using email. The
goal is to create from a local ticket a new ticket in another RT
system with all the correspondences/attachments as the content of the
new ticket (in fact what the forward by email does).

 Basically, it's the "comment" feature but the content would be a
ticket (with attachments), and I don't know how to handle this with
REST because of the MIME stuff.

My questions are:
 - is it already possible ?
 - if not, would it be complicated to develop and how much development
does it need ?

Many thanks!

PS: for the full (long) story, it's here
Everything is implemented but the forward of the ticket is done by
email and that means I need to bind an email to the remote RT, and I
have a delay due to fetchmail. I'd like to replace this by REST. Once
it's smart and clean, I'll share this because this feature is
dramatically useful in our company and I think it'll be useful for

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