[Rt-devel] [PATCH] Add 'Nobody' as the first item in the owner list

Bram rtdevel at lists.wizbit.be
Thu Dec 24 05:02:09 EST 2009

Originally the code in SelectOwner sorted the users by name and then  
added the user Nobody at the start of the list:

     my @users = sort { uc( $a->Name ) cmp uc( $b->Name ) } value  
     unshift( @users, $RT::Nobody );

Later an extra sorting was added to sort the list by the displayed name:

     % my @formatednames = sort {lc $a->[1] cmp lc $b->[1]} map {[$_,  
$m->scomp('/Elements/ShowUser', User => $_)]} @users;

The attached patch re-adds the owner as the first item in the list.

Best regards,


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