[Rt-devel] SearchBuilder and sorting in Oracle

Steen Olesen SO at schilling.dk
Thu Feb 12 15:46:21 EST 2009

Hi Steve,

I did look for solutions (and discussions on the subject) before trying to solve this.

It is quite obvious, that it is the Oracle query optimizer that is playing tricks.
You can run the standard DistinctQuery-SQL with:

Alter session set optimizer_mode=choose;
* Get one result
Alter session set optimizer_mode=all_rows;
* Get another result
Alter session set optimizer_mode=rule; // I know - this is not supported :)
* Get a third result.


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On Thu, 12 Feb 2009 12:50:15 -0500, Jesse Vincent
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> Steen, I've bounced this into the RT bugs queue for evaluation. Thanks!

There was some discussion about this last year:



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