[Rt-devel] Daily/Monthly/Annually charts not working with PostgreSQL

Eynat Nir Mishor eynatnir2 at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 1 10:59:42 EST 2009


I've just realized that all the Daily/Monthly/Annually charts (e.g.
DueDaily) are not working with PostgreSQL from a very primitive reason.

I was surprised not to find this in the mailing list or Wiki.


It seems that RT code (RT::Report::Tickets::_ FieldToFunction) assumes that
the date strings (such as Due, Resolved, etc.) are strings that can be
manipulated via "SUBSTR" to get their year/year+month/year+month+day.

This does not work in PostgreSQL where these fields are defined as timestamp

It seems "date_part"" or "extract" functions should be used instead.

I didn't except such DB vendor-specific code in RT.


Has anyone ran into this problem and/or has a solution before I try to go
into it myself?






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