[Rt-devel] [PATCH] Specify Queue ACLS at queue declaration on initialdata

Chad Granum chad at opensourcery.com
Thu Jan 8 11:41:01 EST 2009

Ooops, helps to attach the patch...

Chad Granum wrote:
> Thank you for the feedback and tips!
> I have made changes based on the feedback that I *think* should take
> care of the issues.
> As I mentioned in a previous email I was planning to roll all the
> Handle.pm enhancements I think people might like into one patch. Here it is.
> This covers the patch from the start of this thread, but fixed, the
> patch I submitted that is now in the ticket:
> http://rt3.fsck.com/Ticket/Display.html?id=13036 , as well as some new
> functionality.
> I added ExpandItems() and several ExpandXXX() functions that use it.
> Essentially there are many cases where it would be nice to specify a
> list of items in an initialdata item instead of duplicating the item for
> each thing you want to apply it to. But on some things, such as ACL
> doing so for every key people might want to provide a list to would
> create a huge set of nested loops.
> This is an alternative to doing a for loop on each thing that can be a
> list. Essentially it is a function to take the items that can be a list,
> and duplicate them in advance. It does one list at a time and as such it
> is much more maintainable.
> This also allows a developer to add new items that can be lists very
> easily w/o creating more nested loops. The one caveat I can think of is
> that there are some things that can be lists that we do not want to
> duplicate the item for. The best example is Queues => in @CustomFields,
> we do NOT want to create a new field for each queue, we want the same
> field in each. Luckily Queue => already supports a list in CustomFields.
> There is one part specifically I suspect you might want to ditch, thats
> the ExpandScrips, see the comment in the patch.
> -Chad Granum
> OpenSourcery (www.opensourcery.com)

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