[Rt-devel] $DateDayBeforeMonth in DefaultFormat and enhance of date/time display

Emmanuel Lacour elacour at easter-eggs.com
Fri Jan 9 09:13:11 EST 2009

Dear RT hackers,

current display of date in RT is not correct for french speakers at
least, because mday is before month in Date::DefaultFormat.

so I think it would be good to use $DateDayBeforeMonth here like the
attached patch.

But maybe we would better make use of DateTime::Locale for displaying
date/times to be sure to cover most languages.

Here is an example of DateTime::Locale usage (as I understand this

use DateTime;
use DateTime::Locale;

my $loc = DateTime::Locale->load('fr');
my $format = 'full_date_format';

my $dt = DateTime->from_epoch( locale => 'fr',
                            epoch => time,
                            time_zone => 'Europe/Paris',

print $dt->strftime($loc->$format);

Output: vendredi 9 janvier 2009

We can still present the different format available in user preferences
and in global config:

full_date_format: vendredi 9 janvier 2009
long_date_format: 9 janvier 2009
medium_date_format: 9 jan 2009
short_date_format: 09/01/09
full_time_format: 12:55:57 v
long_time_format: 12:55:57 Europe/Paris
medium_time_format: 12:55:57
short_time_format: 12:55
full_datetime_format: vendredi 9 janvier 2009 12:55:57 v
long_datetime_format: 9 janvier 2009 12:55:57 Europe/Paris
medium_datetime_format: 9 jan 2009 12:55:57
short_datetime_format: 09/01/09 12:55

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