[Rt-devel] [PATCH] css/html layout cleanup

Emmanuel Lacour elacour at easter-eggs.com
Sun Jan 11 12:39:18 EST 2009

Dear RT hackers,

trying to resolve the following tickets, I did a first "rewrite" of RT
css/html. Goal was also to remove absolute/fixed positionning in favour
of dynamic positionning (using floats).

12437: problem with #topactions in konqueror
6823: try to make proper xhtml
12770: #nav in konqueror > 4
10079: display problem when $Showbar = 0

here is some comments of my work:

- tools in search results was not using $actions, but wrote ul/li itself
  with bad positionning, so I moved it to an update of $actions in
- 12770: was just a problem with the three "empty" <div> used between
  <ul> and <li> which is not allowed, I just removed them with no side
  effect it seems
- there was some curious ordering in html between page-navigation, nav,
  header and quickbar, I moved them to have a simple layout: a top
  "quickbar", a left "nav", a right "page" (new div, which contains
  topactions, then page-navigation, then body) and a footer
- I don't think RT can be used without scrolling under less than
  1024x768 screens, so I added a min-width of 76em to body to avoid
  "page" to go down "nav" in case of overflow
- I leave the title (mostly ticket subject) in topactions to wrap and so
  use two lines if necessary, this makes the navigation bar to go down if
  needed, but seems far better to me than truncated subjects

I tested this with:

- ie6 win$
- ie7 win$
- ff2 win$
- safari win$
- ff3 GNU/Linux
- konqueror 4 GNU/Linux

12437, 12770 and 10079 seems resolved with this, there doesn't seems to
be major issues (doesn't looks worse than actually ;)).

Can you _test this_ then _report any major regression_ (with screenshots
and navigator version) before I commit this?

I now there is still some little bugs (mostly with ie6 :() and other
thinks I want to enhance, But I'm tired and prefer to commit this as
soon as possible and fix remaining issues one by one :)

PS: attached, test2.html which is the minimal layout I wanted to apply
on RT.
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