[Rt-devel] $DateDayBeforeMonth in DefaultFormat and enhance of date/time display

Emmanuel Lacour elacour at easter-eggs.com
Mon Jan 12 04:28:40 EST 2009

On Fri, Jan 09, 2009 at 12:23:15PM -0500, Jesse Vincent wrote:
> Hm.  This makes me a little twitchy. I'd really rather keep it
> parsing-only. I like your suggestion below :)

I agree, I just modified a bit the description in RT_Config.pm.in to
say that it's only for parsing.

> > 
> > But maybe we would better make use of DateTime::Locale for displaying
> > date/times to be sure to cover most languages.
> I like this plan better :)
> > Here is an example of DateTime::Locale usage (as I understand this
> > module):
> >
> Cool. Can we make it depend on DateTime::Locale only if it's installed?

See attached patch.

> Also, I'd probably only offer the datetime formats, since only-date and
> only-time formats don't make a whole lot of sense in RT ;)

Thought, I prefer to stay consistent with current output formaters which
supports this ;)

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