[Rt-devel] What are some of the IT requirements for upgrading from RT 3.6 -> 3.8?

Grob, Mark - Nick Mark.Grob at nick.com
Tue Jan 13 10:06:17 EST 2009

Thanks for the advise. I will get a spare PC box and dump RT 3.8 on it.
Then start looking over the lines of code. 



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This is absolutely the correct advice, but I would extend it a bit

For my upgrades, I get a vanilla system up and working, played with, and
learned completely before I even start moving my custom pages/widgets
over.  When I do get to that point, they get moved over one at a time,
and re-written as needed.

As an aside, my production box is still a 3.6.x, as I am still working
on duplicating all necessary functionality (including dumping custom
widgets and recreating them in the form of dashboards/saved searches).


Rainer Duffner wrote:
> Grob, Mark - Nick schrieb:
>> I am doing some prelimiary research on the requirements for upgrading
>> to RT 3.8. I had a bunch of custom code implemented into our RT
>> version, I was wondering if their is a detailed change log between RT
>> 3.6 -> 3.8? Or an installation guide for upgrades?
>> -Mark
> Use a 2nd system to test everything.
> Upgrading a live-system without rehearsal is very "brave".
> As we do not know your custom-code, it's IMO difficult to say how much
> work is needed to get it working again.
> I would use your test-system to see what works and what not and then
> come back here with specific questions ;-)
> Rainer
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