[Rt-devel] Custom SQL Query for RT at a glance

Michel Kohl mkohl at linux.lu
Tue Jan 20 13:02:42 EST 2009


I have now spent hours to find out how to integrate custom SQL commands 
into an extension for the RT at a glance page.
I know that I could easily use PERLs SQL interface to do the job.
But I wonder if I could not use the existing SQL handle of RT to execute 
an SQL command on the RT database.

I want to get the count of transactions grouped by users and different 
time spans.
With that it would be possible to get an activity overview of my users.

I do not want to use the search builder as I find it too complicated and 
On the other side I have already a problem with another query which is 
very slow with TicketSQL but not on mySQL directly.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,
Michel Kohl

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