[Rt-devel] Fwd: Undefined subroutine

Alex Meyer apmeyer at doit.wisc.edu
Thu Jul 2 21:47:50 EDT 2009

> First of all, my apologies if I am positing to the wrong list.
> I just installed the latest version of RT 3.8.4 on a dev box at work  
> (Redhat). I've configured httpd.con and RT_SiteConfig.pm but am  
> unable to get to the actual web interface. I checked the httpd error  
> logs and saw this:
> Undefined subroutine &RT::System::AddRights called at /opt/rt3/ 
> bin/../lib/RT/Dashboard.pm line 77.\nCompilation failed in require  
> at /opt/rt3/bin/../lib/RT.pm line 441.\n
> I did a 'make testdeps' and it shows everything as found. The Mysql  
> user account works and httpd starts cleanly. Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Alex
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