[Rt-devel] RT4 installation

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Wed Jul 15 14:11:40 EDT 2009

> OK, I got it finally to work. Doesn't look any different than RT 3 :-).

Then we've done a good job, so far. :) There are some new features there

   17h:rt jesse$ find lib/ -type f |grep -v .po$ | xargs wc
   77199  279281 2166263 total

   17h:rt jesse$ find lib/ -type f |grep -v .po$ | xargs wc
   51449  196521 1507771 total

> I added a quite terse "Get RT 4 up and running" section to
> http://wiki.bestpractical.com/view/RT4.
> Are there any changes to the REST interface in RT4?

The intent is that when 4.0 ships, the old REST interface will be as
close to 100% compatible as possible and a new Jifty-based REST
interface that supports XML, JSON and YAML will also be there.

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