[Rt-devel] Overriding RT::Tickets built-in limit of main.EffectiveID == main.id

Fran Fabrizio fran at cis.uab.edu
Wed Jun 17 11:10:32 EDT 2009

[Pardon me if this is the wrong place for this - I asked on rt-users a  
few days ago but had no response]

Is there any way to override the RT::Tickets SearchBuilder's default  
Limit of main.EffectiveID = main.id?  I'm writing a SearchBuilder  
script where I would benefit from being able to directly retrieve  
tickets that have been merged into other tickets.  I've been perusing  
the perldoc for RT::Tickets_Overlay but wasn't sure if any of those  
methods would do the trick.


Fran Fabrizio, Senior Systems Analyst
UAB CIS - http://www.cis.uab.edu/

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