[Rt-devel] Possible Conversion From Subversion?

Jim Meyer jim at geekdaily.org
Fri May 22 15:32:21 EDT 2009

On 5/21/09 6:40 AM, Brent B. Powers wrote:
> On 5/20/2009 5:33 PM, Ruslan Zakirov wrote:
>> In Best Practical we're moving some modules not related to RT into git
>> repository, so I probably it would be git, but I can not tell how soon
>> and how it will look.
> Really close to off topic, but... why? Is there something that 
> Subversion (or, IIRC, SVK?) isn't doing?

Locally cached repository is a big one, as Ruslan implied re: svk, which 
essentially adds the distributed bits that git has built-in.

It also makes the process of sharing/fetching patches trivial, which is 
nice in an open source project.

And it's *screaming* fast. Nice when you're working with a huge codebase.

Those are my big three.


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